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Monstera Vine 'Trankilu' *RARE

Monstera Vine 'Trankilu' *RARE

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***Shipped bare root without medium***

Introducing the exquisite Monstera vine plant, a rare variety flourishing in the botanical landscapes of Saipan. Known for its stunning foliage and intricate patterns, this unique variety is a true marvel of nature. Found no where known in the world naming it 'Trankilu',  we take great pride in being the sole exclusive company exporting these prized plants from Saipan to the world. With meticulous cultivation and care, each Monstera vine embodies rarity and sophistication, making it a coveted addition to any botanical collection. Don't miss the opportunity to bring home a piece of Saipan's natural beauty with our exceptional Monstera vine plants.

NOTE : Please note that this plant adjusts its growth according to its environment. For instance, when potted, it will only grow to a size that accommodates its container, resulting in leaves of a specific size. However, if grown in the wild, directly in the ground rather than in a pot, it can grow more expansively, with leaves reaching widths of up to 3 feet and lengths of 4 feet.

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